Painting is a ritual of pleasure


For Lélia, the ritual of pleasure is felt and expressed through painting. Her desire to paint becomes a physical need, her new-found curiosity towards all aspects of pleasure, displeasure, repulsion, eroticism, sensuality and sexuality occupies all her artistic energies, becoming her principal subject of contemplation, her pleasure, in a manner of speaking.

Her art is a voyage of discovery of the body, the spirit and pleasure. Not only does she seek to comprehend, but also to express in colours on canvas, what is pleasure, what is seduction, femininity and everything related to woman.

“I feel strongly feminist in the sense that I feel perfectly capable of judging my own body. I do not feel I am a slave to my libido; on the contrary, I seek to become its mistress.”

There is within Lélia the romanticism of the prince seeking out his Cinderella whose foot will fit the glass slipper... but a romanticism with room to wonder whether the wearer will choose a slipper which is transparent, see-through like lingerie, or one in leather, suggestive of bondage and pleasure through pain.