Artist’s statement on influences


One of my favourite artists is Bernini. It would be very difficult to trace any influences between Bernini’s work and mine, but I admire the perfectionist and accomplished virtuoso artist he is, expert in his technique as a painter as well as a sculptor and an architect, a workaholic dedicated to his art.

I admire Morandi’s astute use of repetitiveness and subtle variation in his bottle compositions. Through delicate modulation of tone, texture and shape he has been able to distance himself from, yet transform, an ordinary everyday subject, in an approach similar to that which I have taken in my snow series.

I love the Russian artist Levitan’s beautiful moody snows and landscapes.

Jasper Johns and Raushenberg dare to experiment with collages, transfer paint and encaustic and it works in powerful and amazing ways. I admire them both, they are messy and free as I wish I could be.

I love monochromatic works, and I love black. Soulage can only be among my most admired and revered artists. He understood and saw the reflection of light on black paintings and uses it best.

Rothko remains the artist to whom I feel most affinity for the religious and silent emotions his works impose on me.

Cy Twombly, my secret lover, is a master of punctuation. Every time I look at his work it leaves me speechless and amazed. He is perhaps my favourite among the artists of today.