Lionel Pissarro


Do artists see the world with the same eyes as ours, or do they see and inhabit a different world?

Which is Lélia’s world?
It is a world in which time travels slowly, where one walks or cycles.There is never any danger of missing a season, as ample time is set aside to savour Nature’s every seasonal change.
The watch on her wrist will tell her the time kept by others and will occasionally allow her to find time to meet others. In no way does it keep track of time in her world, where its passage is measured less in minutes or seconds than in the quality of creative progress or projects she has in hand.

Can anyone imagine Lélia’s watch, a watch without face or hands, designed solely to give a measure of time satisfactorily spent in the pursuit of her artistic activities?
Many is the artist who complains of his lot in life: when not painting, he is miserable and when painting, unsatisfied. Many artists are merely workaday painters, either having sacrificed, or never having encountered the pleasure and passion in painting which Lélia holds so dear.
Lélia paints as a master pâtissier might lovingly prepare his delicacies, with gestures at once inventive and playful, generous and wholehearted.
Such painting is art to delight the senses.
Shall we ask her which is the first colour of silence?
Is it the virginal white of the blank canvas amid the silence of her brushes before they sweep into their multi-coloured ballet?
Perhaps it is the grey separating black from white, the in-between, the point of balance with its multiple nuances, the colour with no colour?
Is it red for the blood running silently in her veins - the colour of life and the silence preceding it, or the colour of death and the silence to follow?
Might it be the blue of the distant horizon, where sky meets sea, that invisible line across the silence of dusk or dawn?
Or is it the green of plant life, happy in its silence until breathed upon by the wind?
Is Lélia saying that her colours do not sing to us? Or that silence only has the first word but surely not the last?