Living with an artist
David Stern


When I met Lelia in 1987 she gave me the impression that she was dealing in art; I had no reason to suspect otherwise. Only after our engagement did she confess that she was somewhat ashamed to admit to her real profession and that she was simply an artist.

Our partnership in matrimony became one of romance and one of sharing our passion for art.

I believe that very few art dealers experience regularly the pleasure of watching white canvases turning into paintings: stimulating works which evoke emotions, create excitement and pleasure. This process never fails to amaze me and always makes me feel privileged.
In the early days,Lelia and I would discuss her work in progress and occasionally I would make a suggestion. However, after 2002 and her journey into contemporary art, I stepped back and enjoyed watching the evolution of this talented artist, well aware of the effect any comments might have on her.

Living with an artist is never dull or monotonous. There are moments which I would not want to share with anyone else but Lelia, such as a sudden cry to stop the car in order to capture a beautiful subject or light. Nor can we ever ‘travel light’ because of the additional painting materials that always accompany Lelia once on the move. Sometimes I will watch in silence as Lelia paints into the night with a chosen song on repeat mode, witnessing the delights and the frustrations as her paintings mix with the ups and downs of life.

The personal side of Lelia my wife, lover, best friend and partner in life does not need revealing in these pages; I will only say that she is the most loving, romantic, caring, exciting, intelligent and beautiful woman to travel through life with .I believe that many more chapters remain to be written as Lelia continues to surprise us with her ideas, talent and intelligence, enriching the lives of those around her.